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Although the shore is part of South Jersey, there are still plenty of trees in the area that require tree services. South Jersey refers to the area in the southern third of the state. This includes Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland and Salem counties, according to South Jersey Gas. Riding down the Garden State Parkway or the Atlantic City Expressway, visitors will have a view of trees on either side of both highways. Follow the words of the song On the Way to Cape May and you will pass the towns listed, including Ocean City, Sea Isle, Avalon, Stone Harbor, Wildwood and, finally, Cape May.

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What Tree Services Are Offered?

Many different types of tree services are offered by companies in the Southern New Jersey region. From eliminating pests and diseases to simple South Jersey tree pruning, our company offers professional services and consultations for the trees in your yard.

Tree Removal
We offer professional tree removal in the South Jersey area. Whether you’re removing for aesthetic or functional reasons, give us a call.

Tree Trimming
tree pruning in south jersey
Tree pruning and trimming are critical in our area. Be sure to hire a trained & trusted professional to carry out this job.
Stump Grinding
stump grinding in south jersey
Removing tree stumps can be a DIY job, but it is recommended to hire a professional arborist to do this heavy machinery-intensive job.
Pruning can be a do-it-yourself project, but for those afraid of heights, contact a tree care service. Stump grinding and South Jersey tree removal are offered by many companies. These projects tend to need a trained hand. Ask the arborist, a tree doctor, how to prevent pests and diseases as well as asking for a tree hazard and risk assessment.

Urban Forestry

urban-forestryAlthough many people associate the beach with the South Jersey area, there are many neighborhoods that can be considered an area of urban forestry. American Forests states that urban forests are an “ecosystem of trees and other vegetation in and around communities that may consist of street and yard trees, vegetation within parks and along public rights of way and water systems.” From Camden to Cape May, these communities are found throughout the region. The trees provide shade, cleaner air and habitats for fish and wildlife.

In the state of NJ, there are more than 2.2 million street trees, according to the State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. Homeowners keep tree services busy during the spring and summer months.

Southern Pine Beetles

Over the past few years, Atlantic, Cape May, Ocean and Cumberland Counties have seen a dramatic increase of the forest pest the southern pine beetle, according to the Department of Environmental Protection. This insect attacks groves of pine trees, in forests, along roadways and in backyards. Although Ocean City is home to very few trees, other cities within the region are home to houses with five acres of woodland apiece. After a consultation with an arborist, an insecticide will most likely be used to rid your trees of this critter. In the case of tree damage, a professional may elect to completely remove the tree in efforts of saving neighboring trees.

Southern New Jersey is a place of beauty from the towering pine trees to a scenic sunset over the ocean. Although it is 200 million years old, the Atlantic Ocean is the youngest in the world, according to A Shoobees Guide to the Jersey Shore. Tree service companies are dedicated to preserving tree health and aesthetic appeal throughout the state.

We service the entire South Jersey region, including 08753, 08105, 08204, 08724, 08234, 08232, 08244, 08406, 08037 and 08205.

Contact our South Jersey Tree Service office today regarding the health of your trees, the possibility of danger, and aesthetics. Our certified arborist evaluates trees with professionalism, keeping the best interest of the tree and surrounding plants in mind.