Urban forests within the communities of of our area require South Jersey tree pruning services. Whether the tree has haphazard limbs just waiting for a storm or it has grown to outlandish proportions for a front yard, tree care professionals will expertly cut away offending limbs.

South Jersey is known for many impressive features, including its “dry town” of Ocean City, where no alcohol is served, Lucy the Elephant in Margate, which is six stories tall, and the largest boardwalk in the world in Atlantic City, according to A ShooBees Guide to the Jersey Shore.

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Perhaps the most notable characteristic of South Jersey is the Pine Barrens, which occupy 22% of the land in New Jersey, according to PineyPower Enterprises. Homeowners wish to bring the rich green color of the Pine Barrens to their own backyards. Tree pruning to remove dead limbs, overzealous branches and hazardous conditions help keep southern NJ beautiful from woodlands to walkways.

When to Prune

tree-pruningTree pruning can be conducted year-round; however, tree service companies recommend evaluating the stress a tree is under before proceeding. Pruning will only add to tree stress. Other causes include insects and diseases, according to the University of Massachusetts Agriculture and Landscape Program. Tree care professionals can kill pests using insecticides. Depending on how far the disease has progressed, the tree may be treated or completely removed.

Tree stress may also be caused by the homeowner. Under or over watering is a big concern. Ask an arborist how to best care for specific tree species. Poor or improper planting may lead to root damage and make the tree unsuitable for pruning. After close evaluation by a tree care professional, homeowners may proceed with pruning.

Things to Remember

If you don’t mind heights, tree pruning can be a do-it-yourself project. If you elect to prune the tree yourself, keep in mind the same rules to successful pruning as the experts do. A visual inspection should work its way from the top to the roots, according to the Arbor Day Foundation. Remove dead or defective branches before pruning for aesthetic appeal, such as a vista pruning, which creates a view through the tree. Painting the results of a large incision will not prevent or reduce decay; however, it will create a more uniform-looking tree.

Call our South Jersey tree services office to evaluate tree stress and make an appointment for tree pruning services. Our certified arborist will help determine what is best for you and your trees.