Services for South Jersey tree removal may be required for different purposes, including poor tree placement and tree death. In the Pine Barrens, located mostly in southern New Jersey, removing a tree is often unnecessary. Trees that have reached the end of their 60 to 150 year lifespan can often stand in place for decades after the tree has died provided it does not have a target should it fall. When the southern pine beetle, an insect that infects forests of pines, infested the Pine Barrens, New Jersey lost 14,000 acres of pines in one year, according to the State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

The forest needed to be treated with insecticides to prevent the beetle from spreading further. Homeowners who have wooded acres as a backyard should keep an eye out for pitch tubes, exit holes, fading crown or S-shaped galleries under the bark. Early detection may help save trees from removal.

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When to Remove

tree-removalA certified arborist can evaluate a tree for necessary removal. The tree doctor will take the health, placement and species into consideration before rendering a verdict. Before tree removal, tree care professionals may recommend pruning dead or diseased branches. The University of Maryland College of Agriculture and Natural Resources states that the continual removal of limbs will become expensive. Neighbors may also wish the tree to be removed for fear of damaged property.

A dead tree may be removed from private property for aesthetic appeal. A homeowner may also wish to remove a tree that is towering in the front yard, blocking the sun and view from a beautiful bay window.


When determining the cost of tree removal or South Jersey tree trimming, tree services will consider the following factors: proximity to power lines, accessibility, if all or a portion of the tree has fallen, and the size of the tree, according to National Arborists. The higher the danger or hazard rating, the more the removal will cost. For a small tree under 30 feet, tree care professionals may charge between $100 and $300. A 70-foot tree may cost $800 to remove. Trees with large diameters or immeasurable heights will cost upwards of $1,000.

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