Within the urban forests located in South Jersey, it is important to assess a tree’s hazard rating. South Jersey tree risk assessment is key to preventing the damage of people and property. Although most of southern New Jersey’s Pine Barrens are heavily wooded areas, the 1.1 million acres of land borders towns and highways, including the Atlantic City Expressway and the Garden State Parkway, according to PineyPower Enterprises. The edges of this forest are regularly assessed for risk.

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Preventative Measures

tree risk assessmentHomeowners are responsible for the health and care of the trees on their properties. The property owner should obtain regular inspections using a certified arborist, according to Purdue University. Maintaining records of past inspections and treatments is vital to the arborist as they can evaluate the change in a tree’s health or structure.

Planting a tree correctly is imperative. Improper planting may lead to a hazardous condition later on down the road. Ask a tree care professional about the needs of specific tree species.

Hazardous Trees

The State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection defines a hazard tree as a tree that has “defects that weaken the tree’s integrity and has the potential to strike a target.” A target is defined as a person or property, such as a house or a car. For homeowners who stay on top of tree management, hazard trees are normally identified prior to falling. Haphazard limbs should be removed. A split trunk may require partial removal if the tree does not have enough stability.

Other factors that will increase hazard ratings include dead branches, cracks and decay.

Tree risk assessment is vital to the communities in South Jersey, which are known for natural beauty. From the backyard to the borders of highways, our southern NJ company is dedicated to identifying, assessing and preventing hazardous tree conditions. Contact our tree service in South Jersey office today to prevent the ravages of the next storm.