Although the area is filled with woodlands, South Jersey stump grinding is typically a service offered to individual homeowners to maintain beautiful landscaping. Cape May, the oldest resort community in the United States, is home to many street trees, according to SoJo 104.9, South Jersey’s radio station. The 2,500 square miles of Southern New Jersey require stump grinding for aesthetic appeal and tree care health.

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Stump Removal Methods

stump-grindingAtlantic, Cape May, Cumberland and Salem counties are considered metropolitan areas, according to SoJo 104.9, South Jersey’s Radio Station. Although they are highly developed areas, there are still portions of urban forests throughout the region.

Before the massive stump-grinding machine, the population of South Jersey used hands and shovels to remove tree stumps. Burning the stump was also a popular way to handle the tree left-overs. As years went on, other methods of stump removal became popular. According to National Arborists, a stump grinder is the fastest way to remove a stump; however, some homeowners choose to use chemicals to accelerate the decaying process.

When Is Stump Removal Necessary?

If a tree died due to disease or pests and needed to be cut down, stump removal may be a necessary service. Roots may decay, causing fungi to spread or a new tree may sprout, hosting the same diseases. Ask your arborist in South Jersey if the stump in your yard needs to be removed.

Homeowners often request stump removal to improve the physical look of the yard and landscape. Tree removal may be desired for a poorly-placed tree. The remaining stump may look offensive to some South Jersey residents. Optional stump grinding may be the best solution.


The population of South Jersey has the option to elect renting a stump-grinding machine opposed to hiring professionals. Popular Mechanics estimates professional stump grinding to be between $90 and $150 per 24-inch diameter stump. Machine rental is estimated to cost between $100 and $190 per day. If homeowners have two or three stumps to remove, setting aside a Sunday and renting a machine will be cost efficient; however, the cost to remove one stump is less than the cost of the machine. If you are not handy, hiring a tree care professional regardless of the number of stumps may be the best way to proceed.

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